Boathouse is a Winner for MPS

MPS received the coveted Urban Development Institute of Australia Queensland Consultants Excellence Award for 2014 for the Halcyon Landing over-50’s lifestyle project at Bli Bli on the Sunshine Coast.

Looking at the finished development and the happy faces of the residents it is hard to imagine the scale of the obstacles that faced the consultant team from the outset.

The award was shared with Calibre Consulting with whom we have done much of our most challenging work and reflects the strong working relationship between architect/planner and engineer and equally so with our customer, Halcyon Management.

These are some of the obstacles we faced…

• A highly irregular site profile unsuited to rectangular lot layouts
• A contentious interface with an environmental reserve
• More-than-usual drainage, water quality and flooding issues
• An expectation that the public could walk through the development
• Hostile neighbours and a difficult council assessment team
• A previously approved development which had antagonised the locals
• A site slope unsuited to single-level retirement living
• The disappointing prospect that the project would probably make a loss

Much of the urban design and financial success of the project is a result of the shared resolve of the consultant team in solving the awkward site geometry and engineering problems as a joint effort founded upon discipline, intelligence and equity.

The one big issue that had to be solved was the site slope which varied from 3 to 5 metres up to the 40 neighbouring properties.

The solution was the “Boathouse” design.

The Boathouse is a split-level house with single-level living on the top level opening up to a rear yard on one side and a balcony on the other…and a three-car garage on the entry level large enough and high enough to store a boat on a trailer.

A 3 metre change in levels is concealed within the Boathouse design avoiding expensive and ugly retaining walls.

The Boathouse has become the premium housing product at Halcyon Landing and has contributed to project viability and numerous state and national awards.


Site Area: 20 hectares
Houses: 171 including caretaker/manager
Net Density: 25 du/ha
Gross Density: 20.5du/ha including roads

Land Budget: 6.33ha environmental park
2.55ha buffer to park
1.29ha wetlands & cultural zone
1.5ha communal facilities
8.33ha developable land for housing

Components: 170 detached homes (3-bed/2-car)
1 Caretaker/Administration module
Residents Club with cinema and gym
Bowling green/pool/tennis court
Maintenance shed
Blokes shed
Caravan/boat storage area
Signature trail


Boathouse is a Winner for MPS

A very irregular site


Boathouse is a Winner for MPS

The Boathouse